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Connection Coaching


Your training will give you the ability to quickly identify the root causes of The Big Disconnect in your organization and apply proven methods to fix them before they have a chance to grow. Your vision will resonate Your team’s effort will be aligned. You will master the 5 Secret Weapons of a Connected Leader:

1. Storytelling

2. Talent Development

3. Appreciation

4. Persuasion

5. Execution


JSprinkles Coaching isn’t for everyone. Our honest dialogue and results-based focus is not ideal for those who want to simply put a check in the box without any genuine effort. We are here to provide accountability, expert advice, and action items. The people who have gotten the best results with us are those who:

  • Have experienced change within your organization and need help building trust and morale within various levels of your organization
  • Have felt stagnant and not sure how to move forward
  • Want to create alignment between your vision and what is being implemented
  • Have an important initiative to message to the organization and you need to find a way to make it resonate and energize them