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The Connection Quadrants was created to answer a simple question: what is lighting your fire, and what is burning you out? Every employee has things they enjoy, and things they wish they could change. However, studies reveal that 80 percent of workers admit they knowingly aren’t performing at their potential. This translates to decreased productivity, increased costs, and yes…workplace drama.

This tool is designed to measure connection in the work place. While there are many assessments of personality, strength finders, etcetera, none of them cover the most important factor in your performance—your personal connection to the work you’re doing and the people you do the work with!

Why is this important:
Connection is the catalyst that turns meaning and motivation into results. “Meaning” is the level of purpose that people ascribe to their work. “Motivation” is their commitment level to do their work with excellence.

This is a unique conversation because most assessments deal strictly with the individual’s temperament or the team's dynamics. The Connection Quadrants allows leadership to diagnose the causes that lie beneath the surface that are causing distracting people from the big picture goals.

Results That Matter Now:
The Connection Quadrants creates an immediate and tangible impact on your organization’s culture. Specifically:

1. Your people feel heard:
In many cases, employees do not feel at liberty to freely share valuable observations and feelings without repercussion. The Connection Quadrants provides a platform for them to provide honest feedback that will lead to tangible changes.

2. You know the truth:
As a leader, you are equipped with real-time information that points you directly to the solution. You don’t have to guess anymore. You don’t have to wonder how your people really feel behind your back. You know exactly what to do to achieve the outcomes that matter most to your future success.

Best of all, The Connection Quadrants provides relevant data that is used to prescribe the specific strategies and programs that will address your organization’s greatest needs. “The Q” produces a company-wide team effort to create a Culture Of Connection in your organization.