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Times have changed. Years ago, people would pay attention to a presenter during a meeting. Today, people are more distracted than ever. Text messages, email, and social media are all competing for the attention of your audience.

Nothing communicates faster than a picture. Your new weapon for grabbing people’s attention and keeping it through your entire presentation is using Jonathan’s Visual Triggers.

In this course, Jonathan will show you different ways to turn your presentation into a simple, easy-to-draw infographic that you can map out on a cocktail napkin or flip chart. People will tune in the entire time. Using Visual Triggers, you won’t lose the fight against boredom anymore.

You don’t have to be an artist (Jonathan’s handwriting is terrible!). You don’t have to have design skills. If you can draw a circle and a line, you can create a Visual Trigger that makes you look like a genius in your next presentation!

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