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The Big Disconnect

Improve Your Culture | Increase Your Performance

Jonathan Sprinkles is on a mission to find “The Big Disconnect™” and fix it. Every organization has two cultures: who we would like to be, and who we really are. The Big Disconnect™ shows up in ways that eventually become known as “this is just our culture.” Specifically:

1. The way you communicate – Do you frequently find yourself not being on the same page, even after meetings?

2. How well you collaborate – Do you or your team find yourself frequently working in silos?

3. Your connection to each other – Have you ever questioned how your work relates to the organization’s big picture goals?

The Big Disconnect™ is keeping your organization from achieving its full potential. It is costing you money every day. However, studies show that organizations that address their issues report a 591% increase in engagement and are 2x more productive. With programs tailored for you, “The Connection Coach,” Jonathan Sprinkles’ programs, will radically improve engagement, build trust, and increase performance.