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A Culture of Connection

Your key to high-performance, engagement, and profits!

What Is A culture of connection?

Jonathan’s specialty is helping you build A Culture of Connection. A Culture Of Connection is one in which people in the organization have a strong commitment to the organization, each other, and those they serve.

The culture reflects a connection to each section of the Connection Quadrants:

1. CHARGE: They are connected to your vision. They understand it; they believe in it.

2. CLIMATE: People share strong bonds within their team. They don’t just work together; they show up strong for each other.

3. CULTURE: The environment cultivates innovation, healthy communication, and embraces change

4. CONTRIBUTION: People feel empowered to do their role, and their produces outcomes that align with their values.

Connected organizations are high-performance organizations. You can’t perform at your peak without having each other’s back. They work harder, they work together, they last longer, their employee retention is greater, and they make more money—a lot more money! And the biggest benefit is that they have higher customer satisfaction rankings than their competitors. They are known as the company that people want to do business with. Internal satisfaction produces external loyalty.