Connectology Series


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You are in for a treat. In 10-ish minutes per session, Connectology ® is a class for people, regardless of your current level of experience, you will be able to lead and influence people with poise, certainty, and presence. With each class, you will level up to a whole new you. Jonathan’s coaching will open up a new level of possibility–like success is not that far away.


Short Video Lessons that simulate 1:1 coaching that is full of how-to lessons that get you unstuck and ready to immediately implement. You’re never left wondering what to do next.

Daily Action Guides to help you never miss any important details and a short outline of your next steps. Perfect for busy people!

Word-For-Word Templates to get breakthrough results…you will beam with confidence when you know exactly what to say to get exactly what you want on any occasion.

Availability: In Stock

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