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5 Stories Every Entrepreneur Must Tell

Under 50

You have done the work. You know your numbers. You have gotten results. But do you know which story the audience wants to hear? Having the right message at the wrong time won’t get you the results you want. Whether you are a keynote speaker, fundraiser, at a pitch meeting, or on social media, you will know which story to tell to get the audience to take action that instant!

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You’re in for a treat. This “tell-it-like-it-is” session will compel you to step up, take responsibility, reject excuses, and achieve bigger results than ever before.

BE THE ONE to rise to the occasion and get others to follow your lead. BE THE ONE to gain visibility and influence to change your organization’s culture. You will BE THE ONE your organization fights to keep!

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You get to watch Jonathan LIVE as he teaches one of the top-rated courses at Presentation Power. And here’s why: saying “Thank You” the right way is a TRUST-building, business-developing, money-making tool. Successful people prioritize acts of gratitude because they understand how hitting a homerun directly affects their bottom line. This advanced course is unlike …

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CONNECT LIVE is for busy, high-achieving people who want more out of their lives—more freedom, more impact, more influence, more income, more profit, more YOU back in your life. 

There is one fundamental skill that all successful business professionals, celebrities, athletes, leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, executives and sales leaders have in common: the ability to connect with people.

CONNECT LIVE, is the only place where you will discover how to use the system I’ve taught my high-end clientele, The Connection Code, to create massive breakthroughs in their personal lives and careers.

You will get the “code” for developing the mindset secrets of top performers so that you can think more powerfully and get results consistently.

And then you’ll learn how to connect with people, quickly earn their buy-in, turn influence into income.